Our team of Ergonomic Consultants provides expertise from a variety of backgrounds including physiotherapy, kinesiology and occupational therapy.

ergonomics consulting services throughout Canada

Ergo-Motion provides ergonomics consulting services throughout Canada. Our team of Ergonomic Consultants provides expertise from a variety of backgrounds including physiotherapy, kinesiology and occupational therapy. We focus on controlling the risk factors related to the job task, through workstation modifications, work habit changes, and education on such topics as posture.  We can offer a wide variety of customized services, and have listed common services below:


We assesses office workstations and provides recommendations to optimize the workstation setup.

Industrial Ergonomic Assessments

Ergo-Motion provides ergonomic assessments and recommendations in industrial settings.


Secure video-conferencing to complete a full home office ergonomic assessment, along with training on optimal setup of existing equipment.

Educational Sessions

Dynamic educational, informative sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of safety committees, supervisors, and/or workers, and are industry specific.

Ergonomic Training and Courses

Webinars on a variety of topics, tailored for individual users, or for companies.

Ergonomics Program

We will work collaboratively with your organization to identify, assess, control and document ergonomic risk in their workplace with the goal of preventing musculoskeletal injuries (MSI).

Job Demands Analysis

Our ergonomic consultants examine all aspects of a particular job and associated tasks to determine the physical, mental, and environmental requirements of each job. 


We offer one day intensive train the trainer courses that are suitable for Managers, Owners, Joint Health and Safety Committees, First Aid Attendants, Supervisors, and Trainers.

Lunch & Learn

Designed to offer a practical introduction to Office Ergonomics. The session deals specifically with problems and discomfort related to the use of computers and other office equipment.

Remote Consultations

Where it is difficult to conduct an in-person ergonomic assessment due to geography or travel barriers, we have begun to offer remote ergonomic consultation services.

Why Choose US


Ergo-Motion has over a century of combined experience resulting in practical know-how on ways to improve many workplace systems and design challenges that impact on worker safety and productivity.


Ergo-Motion Ergonomists are certified, professional, and full time, with extensive hands-on ergonomics experience.   Ergo-Motion has ergonomists in all major cities of Canada, offering a consistent service level throughout Canada. 

Cost Effective

Ergonomic changes in the workplace can promote health and mitigate musculoskeletal symptoms, which can improved productivity in a work environment. 

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Ergo-Motion Consulting has a variety of ergonomic consultants with varied backgrounds in Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, and Occupational Therapy. This breadth of disciplines allows us to provide innovative solutions to problems, which effectively allows us to reduce the risk of injury, while positively impacting productivity.
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