Our ergonomic consultants examine all aspects of a particular job and associated tasks to determine the physical, mental, and environmental requirements of each job.  Consideration will be given to manual materials handling, repetitive tasks, work demographics, work shift schedules, working postures, and the equipment used.

Our data collection methods include on-site job observation and measurements, combined with supervisor and employee interviews.

A detailed report will be provided for each job, highlighting the tasks, potential risk factors, and recommendations.  Recommendations may include engineering, administrative, and personal protective equipment control measures.

This report is an intergral part of a return-to-work strategy.  Thephysical demands analysis (PDA) information will be used by physicians, physiotherapists, kinesiologists or other treatment staff to design an effective treatment program.  This information combined with functional information will ensure that workers return to work at the right time, ensuring an efficient and effective transition back into the workforce.

Physical demands analysis information can also be used to develop pre-employment, post offer testing programs.