Government of Canada

We provide office ergonomic assessments for Government of Canada employees, with or without a medical presciption, in an office environment.

Ergonomic hazards pose the risk of injury to an employee. The most common risk factors are forceful movements, repetitive motions, and poor posture.

We offer all areas of Canada, and have competitive flat rate pricing within 100km of all of our service locations.

To schedule an assessment, please email [email protected] the following information:

  • The name, and contact information of the individual to be assessed, including their office work location
  • The name, and contact information of the employee’s manager
  • French or English

We will schedule the ergonomic assessment within 10 business days.

During the ergonomic assessment, we will:

  • Review the employee’s ergonomic personal needs, including personal characteristics, symptoms, functional limitations and restrictions, and complaints.
  • Identify and assess ergonomic risk factors that may impact the employee’s workstation ergonomics.
  • Make any necessary immediate adjustments and modifications to employee’s existing furniture and equipment, office accessories and office environment;
  • Provide education and recommendations about workstation adjustments, posture, exercises

Following the assessment, we will:

  • Provide a comprehensive written report outlining the activity, observations, ergonomic risk and recommendations to control these risks
  • We will provide follow-up assessments and additional education as needed.

If you have questions about the procedure, please contact us at: 1-877-841-3508.


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